Decide Whether We Should Show Up!

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SonOfLuck posted this 15 September 2022

Hi all, What do you think about this? Best regards, SonOfLuck

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SonOfLuck posted this 15 September 2022

Hi all, What do you think about this? Best regards, SonOfLuck

Fighter posted this 16 September 2022

It looks like a message from another civilization but it's wrote by an human, he says he received it:

The fact is the humankind saw these foreign ships in our skies since its childhood, tens of thusands of years ago they were considered gods.

The message is from ~2009 so they didn't show up. By showing up I mean official contact.

Our governments are hostile and afraid of them, many times our military shutdown their ships or their ships crashed and we captured their technology. When possible we reverse-engineered it and we built our own ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles):


The fact that after so long time our governments offically recognized there are foreign ships in our skies it's because, with all the video recording technology every human have now (phones, cameras, etc.) it becomes almost impossible to continue covering up the UFO phenomenon:


The official recognition is probably a preparation phase in preparing the masses for the official contact even if it's not pleasant for governments and military to admit there is a far superior technologically presence already on our planet and they can't do too much about it.

The governments and military are now trying to present them as hostile and a threat to our security even if the facts show the opposite. They are thousands or maybe tens of thousands years more advanced than us, if they would wanted our planet they would have been taking it long time ago. The fact that we are still here breathing shows us they are not hostile. And let's be serious, they can travel between the stars, if they want resources there are billions of unhabited planets where they can take any resources they need, they don't need our planet...

We'll see how that preparation goes...



"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Shelfordella posted this 19 October 2022

the great deception

Gandalf posted this 4 days ago

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.“

SonOfLuck posted this 3 days ago

I would argue that one of the reason why we ended up littering the globe is  because humanity is not thinking ahead enough. I think you live the best way when you are in a balance between past, future and present. But ofc this is harder to achieve than just focusing on the present.

Best regards,

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