Attraction and Neutralization

  • Last Post 12 April 2024
synchro posted this 08 April 2024

The attraction of the magnets to the electromagnet core generates sufficient current to create a magnetic field powerfull enough to neutralize a balanced magnet stack in a parrallel wired twin. 4 EM's with 2 magnet rockers interconnected with 4 switches may run perpetually.

Fighter posted this 09 April 2024

Hello and welcome Synchro,

There are multiple ways for switching or redirecting the magnetic flux of the permanent magnets not documented or even understood/explained by the official science.

Here are some examples in a video from my YouTube channel:




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Jagau posted this 12 April 2024

Hi syncho

another way to control flux in a magnet see explanationin this short video of MEG explanation

This is the patent of Tom Bearden Motionless Electromagnetic Generator MEG