Alberto Molina-Martinez principle (The Rotating Magnetic Field used for Induction)

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Vasile posted this 30 March 2023

Hello everyone,

There is this concept that has been pressing me for years now and because I have found extremely low information on it, I have decided to share it with you. It is about the principle of the rotating magnetic field being produced by an induction motors stator for example, but instead of inducing a current in the rotor bars it induces a current in a specially designed coil that is wound on a core and positioned where the usual rotor is supposed to be. I have attached the patent of Alberto MOLINA-MARTINEZ, which describes in detail the principle. I have been trying to build it and the simple way to go around it would be to take a 3 Phase induction stator and build basically only the "rotor" part. In order to build that part, I need laser cutting services for silicon steel sheets (0.3 - 0.5 mm thick), which I cannot find in my area. At the moment I am stuck with this project, construction-wise. Until I get moving, I wanted to discuss one main aspect of this machine and that is:
*Is the rotating magnetic field generated by the stator, inducing current in the secondary part by flux linkage or flux cutting? If it is flux linkage the whole thing would be a transformer, an inefficient one because of the air gap between the parts and the low frequency (50Hz). If it is flux cutting, then it is a generator and in theory, it should be very efficient mainly because we are not moving mechanically a piece of magnetized metal near an electrical conductor. The only thing that moves is the flux. Also, in the case of flux cutting, the stator input should be independent of the "rotor's" output as in the case of a car alternator (I have one car alternator laying around and to energize the electromagnet it is required 12V at 5A, but the output, when the electromagnet is mechanically moved of course, can be as high as 12V at 36A, so there is no electrical input power vs electrical output power "equality"). I am judging that this car alternator analogy would be the same for the device we are discussing here, but once again, we should have an advantage because we are not moving the flux mechanically.
I want to hear your thoughts on this, if you have more details about the device, maybe you have built it, etc.
All the best,

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Jagau posted this 13 October 2023

Hey Vasile and Solarlab

Vidura has already done a very interesting research on this type of induction, in his thread DZ motionless generator on rotating magnetic fields by Pierre Cotnoir, which is a generator similar to Holcomb and A. M. Martinez 


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xman posted this 13 October 2023

Hey Jagau, can you open which thread for Vidura experiments? I am interested, but I do not have permission


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Fighter posted this 13 October 2023

Hi xman,

That link was for a restricted thread containing Vidura's research and that's not public. 

Only Vidura can decide when and how will make it public.

Sorry about that.


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