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Fighter posted this 30 April 2022

I just saw a post made by Chris about two weeks ago:

Image attached to the post:

So, Chris, the answer is NO.

The reason it looks "familiar" is simple: both sites are using the same open-source platform named MVC Forum:

All the members of our team used to be members of AboveUnity (before you started to abuse, invent lies about them and act like a mentally ill person) and they are very familiar with the platform. That's the reason of our platform choice.

And if you would know what you're talking about you would know that if we would want to copy your site then this site would have been up and running in 4-5 days, we wouldn't need a month to develop it.

And you don't know it because you have no access here but BeyondUnity already have features and enhancements your site doesn't have. You were not even able to fix that Follow feature for topic notifications which is something very basic. Other than that check the layout, interactivity and the smoothness of this site and compare with yours. We had the latest version of TinyMCE from the beginning, weeks before you started upgrading the version from your site.

BeyondUnity was developed from ground up, that's why we have over 70 code commits made during the development:

So now get your pills, they may help with your issues.

And about all the lies and bullshit you were spreading about us, here it is something which you deleted on your site but we still have it:

Can you read this ?

I attached the image of the post so everyone can see it clearly.

So we started saving data (as you asked everyone to do) then you started yelling why we were saving the data. It does show exactly how bad your mental issues are.

And now fuck off, you're trash, go back to your site and find medical help.

You should ask yourself why almost all the members of the team left your site and the research and experiments there are now close to 0.

And something else: if you would have the solution, many members from your site would have working self-running devices by now ! The truth is no one has a working device there ! Not even you ! And we both know this !

You're in the past for us so stop talking trash about us. Everyone can see the proofs above and compare with all the lies you spread about us on your site.

If I would want your site down it would be down permanently. But your poor site goes offline on itself almost every day for more than a year now, was it also because of our "attacks" ? We even donated money to you when you were in trouble just to help in keeping your site online. Stop blaming others for your site issues.


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Fighter posted this 19 November 2022

And as expected that f* loser now claims my ZPM is copied from him ! šŸ˜‚

This is an direct answer for the crazy-boy who forgot again to take his pills:

1. ZPM is built on the platform of an previous Bearden's MEG replication attempt ! That is how ZPM development started;

2. When I came to your stupid site my ZPM was functional and I had no idea about your stupid "partnered coils" or however you name them, I just came there to present ZPM as Cd_Sharp asked me ! If a writer is publishing his book somewhere it doesn't mean the publisher have any contribution/merit in the writing of the book and it's content. So don't fool yourself thinking you have any merit to anything related to ZPM !

3. When I started presenting ZPM it was obvious you had no f* clue what it is about, what it does and how it works !

4. The circuit you pretend I copied has nothing to do with how ZPM works and what ZPM does, you just have two identical opposing coils while ZMP has asymmetrical coils, the circuitry is different, the functionality is different and the result is different ! Anyone can see it, your circuit's waveform is this:

while ZPM's waveform is this:

ZPM is the only device producing a waveform almost identical with the one Graham Gunderson's device produced, let me know when anything you "discovered" will ever come close to this !

Only someone with mental issues like you can believe ZPM has anything to do with this useless thing:

5. Talking about plagiarists, identical and opposing coils are everywhere, in Don Smith's devices, in Kapanadze's devices and in many other devices; you just copied a part of one of Don Smith's devices and voila - "Look mom, I discovered partnered output coils !" šŸ˜‚ Do you recognize the device you stolen "your" so called partnered output coils from ?

That's right, there are "your" so called partnered output coils ! šŸ˜„ Now I suppose Don Smith copied from you too, isn't ?

And as a proof of your intention to just do disinformation, you never told to people where you stolen "your" so called partnered output coils from but also neve told to people that Don Smith's equal and opposite coils connection should be connected to ground ! You knew what you presented on your stupid site will never work and it's a road going nowhere !

Just like Graham Gunderson also stolen from you, isn't ? šŸ˜„

Only someone with mental issues can act like this, you really have serious issues boy...

Let me tell you something: you never came with anything original, you're just a parasite trying to take credit for other inventors' ideas and devices ! As anyone can see above !

And as the only one who developed, came public with and presented ZPM I will oficially specify here for everyone:

Chris from have no merit in anything related to the ZPM development ! Never did !

F* parasite, you disgust me, instead fo stealing from others and pretenting those are your "discoveries", at least try to come with a single original idea of your own if you want to have any contribution at all in what we do...


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Atti posted this 19 November 2022



I understand you. It's like an upset stomach. You eat bad food and throw up. Then you slowly recover. Sometimes you'll still have a headache, but after a while you'll recover completely.

This whole "phenomenon" was annoying for a while. It has also been noticed by others and they give it a voice: 

Those who know know, those who don't know will find out.
Unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that there are such people.
Let's move on, otherwise we will be the same and it will continue to poison our souls.
Let's finally let go.

Vidura posted this 19 November 2022

Replying To: Fighter

Hey Fighter, as atti sayed this things happen and also shall pass. There is always someone who find our week point and press the button, we get trapped by anger, aversion and so. But do not degrade yourself by coming down to the level of the agresso. We really do not need this. When there are real values, not only in technology, but also in human values, there is no need to worry about of evaluation from others, as this values show for themselves the truth. Regarding Chris, when I made some comments about his mental health, it was not my intention to blackmail or outwitting him. I think his mental issues are serious , that besides that his character might have some "imperfections".


Fighter posted this 19 November 2022

I'm sorry friends, but I'll not let any lie or trash he throws at us to remain unanswered else our silence could be considered by others as acceptance.

Especially when that moron is trying now to take credit for my ZPM, something where he have no merit/contribution to.

He was not working with me in trying tens and tens of configuratons until I came to the ZPM's configuration.

This thread is for others to find out who they're dealing with and who they're wasting their time with on aboveunity site.

The ones who are really interested by the truth, I know many members from aboveunity are reading our public answers here and they already know who they're dealing with on the old aboveunity site.

It's not for the members of our site, you guys already know the real face and character of that moron.



"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Atti posted this 19 November 2022


Fighter and all readers!

I fully understand and support Fighter's opinion. There is a time when you have to speak. We must not allow injustice to grow on us. And others will know too!



Fighter posted this 22 November 2022

And the psycho-boy posted just half of my reply to him but he "forgot" to post the proofs that fragment is talking about.

What's up boy, are you afraid others will see the proofs ? Your fake "discoveries" and your fake claims that others work is copied from you ? šŸ˜„

Post the link to my reply, let others see how you claim Graham Gunderson copied from you ! And how you claim those two identical coils on a rod are the source of my ZPM which have asymmetrical coils. Let others see how pathetic you are trying to claim merit for things you had no contribution to. Also let the others see Don Smith's device where you copied your so called "partnered output coils", your big "discovery". šŸ˜„

And I repeat because seems you have memory issues too: the MVC Forum open-source code is not "your site". Just like its default layout (you didn't even bothered to change that layout) and the fact that someone else is using MVC Forum and create a customized skin for it doesn't mean there is something copied from you. Compare the interactive UI, functionality and features we have here with your old static site which has none of our features, everybody can see them.

And stop claiming that anyone using the MVC Forum platform is copying your site, that open-source code is not wrote by you and it doesn't belong to you. I understand in your crazy brain everything is copied from you. Get your pills and get back to reality, I had nothing to copy from you when I developed ZPM, Graham Gunderson had nothing to copy from you when he developed his device and actually you copied a few coils from one of Don Smith's devices.

Too bad when I came to your site to make ZPM public I didn't saw that post where you claimed Graham Gunderson copied from you, I would knew from the beginning you have really serious issues. No mentally sane person can make claims like these. Or do all the sh*t you did and throwing all those lies about friends who helped you when you were in trouble. By the way, were you happy when you received all those money me and Cd_Sharp donated to you ? You got those money while still talking sh*t and lies about us. "Oh, thank you friends !" šŸ˜„ What a poor pathetic excuse of a human being, you really have no spine and self-respect at all, isn't ?..

Doesn't matter how you try to take just pieces from this public thread and try to present it differently, don't fool yourself, many from the old aboveunity site are actually coming here and reading our replies and they already know who you really are šŸ˜‰

You can't hide the proofs we present here like you do on your site.

It's very funny how you come daily here just to have a mirror put in your face and see who you really are. Don't worry, you're not alone, many silent members from your site can see these replies too šŸ™‚

Now go get your pills, you really need them...


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Fighter posted this 23 November 2022

From post #1 of the ZPM thread:

Also this device is using bucking coils about which I learned a lot from the information shared with all of us here by Chris

Don't count on that, what would you expected to hear, that I saw your big "discovery" in one of Don Smith's devices ? šŸ˜„

Why do you think I never even tried to replicate your so-called "discovery" ? Because I knew it's just a part of Don Smith's device and can't work on its own without the rest of the device !

ZPM uses two coils, the "partnered output coils" you took from Don Smith's device use three coils.

ZPM uses asymmetric coils while you talk about identical output coils (plus a third one as input).

ZPM's waveform is almost identical to Graham Gunderson's device while the waveform you shown is... something, I don't even know how to call that. You never shown it even as an potential over-unity candidate or even getting close to that status. That's why since 2017 nobody had any interesting over-unity result when replicating "your" so-called partnered output coils. Not even you and we both know this is the truth.

So even a child can see ZPM is not based on anything you shown or experimented with. I repeat what I said above, it was obviously you had no f* idea what ZPM is, how it works and what it does.

So forget about your fake claims about any contribution to ZPM's development. Because while I developed ZPM I wasn't even a member on your site, got it ? The ZPM development process is in our secondary forum, in a Romanian language thread where I only exchanged information with Cd_Sharp. When ZPM was functional Cd_Sharp asked me to make it public on your site. That was all the "contribution" you had. šŸ˜‰

No go get your daily pills, you certainly need them.

I would say try to come with something original, your own real discovery, but it's obvious that's not gonna happen considering your obvious mental issues...


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Fighter posted this 23 November 2022

And the crazy-boy can't resist to show every day how stupid he is... šŸ˜ƒ

See his another lie here:

This is my answer to his bullsh*ts:

  1. First of all, you moron, when I visit your poor site I never use an Romanian IP; believe me or not, not anyone is as stupid as you are šŸ˜„ So if you think you can track me you may want to look for an IP from Tokyo or maybe from Moscow or Washington or, why not, from Antarctica; So you lie like a little b**ch, good luck "tracking" me šŸ˜†
  2. Why would I download your sh*tty PDFs ?! Who except an idiot like you would think backing up a site into hundreds of PDFs ia a good idea ? Who is wasting his time searching for information in hundreds of PDFs ? Whoever think that is practical has the same level of "inteligence" like yours šŸ˜„
  3. Why would I download a PDF about my ZPM when I have a backup of my ZPM threads made long time ago ?! And why would I download that PDF hundreds of times per day, even a basic logic tells anyone you're talking non-sense; I see you keep trying to invent lies about us but if you don't use at least some logic in those lies anyone could see the fool behind those lies; try harder, crazy-boy... šŸ˜€
  4. I see you keep trying to accuse others for your poor site going down on it's own so often; instead of forcing your two neurons to invent lies without logic like this you better get your lazy ass busy and try to find the performance issues and the real reasons why your poor site is going down on its own almost every day for years, long before we left;
  5. Me and Cd_Sharp donated so much money exactly to fix the problems of your poor site and to keep it online but you did a miserable job in finding and fixing the issues, it's more easy for you to try to hide your incompetence by blaming it on "attacks" and stuff like that; I'm telling you this, if you would put your site in a glass globe and nobody visiting it and nobody touching it still it would continue to go down on itself, that's how bad it's made šŸ˜‰
  6. "300 Downloads of a 1.8Gb File in 20 days!!!", really ? Your site can't sustain a decent file download, not even playing a video without buffering; if those fake numbers would be real and someone would really try to download 1.8GB in a day your poor site would be dead in that day; so don't fool yourself with those fake numbers.

With every lie you invent about us you actually just reveal your stupidity 'cause even an under 10 years old kid using basic logic can see the low IQ behind those poor lies šŸ˜†

Now, again, go get your pills crazy-boy. You really need them...


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
cd_sharp posted this 26 November 2022


ZPM is Fighter's creation. Chris had nothing to do with it. Fighter was not even a member of when he built the first working ZPM. Chris is a great liar.

What a great man Chris Sykes could have been, but failed to become due to his own giant ego and paranoia!

There were times when I called him "good friend", "brother", "buddy", but those times are gone for good.

Stay strong!

If you know how to build such a device and you're not sharing, you're a schmuck! - Graham Gunderson

Fighter posted this 26 November 2022



ZPM is Fighter's creation. Chris had nothing to do with it. Fighter was not even a member of when he built the first working ZPM. Chris is a great liar.

What a great man Chris Sykes could have been, but failed to become due to his own giant ego and paranoia!

There were times when I called him "good friend", "brother", "buddy", but those times are gone for good.

Stay strong!

And he failed miserably...

And with every day coming he is showing more and more what a poor excuse of a human being he is and how serious his mental issues are.

I see him crawling here everyday (with his U.S. IP thinking I can't identify him) looking for information to steal, trying to invent new lies and trash about us, trying to steal pieces from our site's interface and features he doesn't have in the old aboveunity site... Unfortunately for him with no success as we can see in the current poorly state of his site.

Even now he is trying to claim merits for others work, he just edited my ZPM thread there and pretend Atti's successful ZPM replication actually happened there... šŸ™ƒ

No, you moron, actually it happened here on BeyondUnity !

There, on your poor site, you kept in Tier III your successful replication of my ZPM since December 2021, you never made it public even if I specified from the beginning that all the information (including replications) of my ZPM must be in the public domain.

So this is your only "contribution" about ZPM: you replicated it and you kept it secret, just for yourself, not for the members of your site which you tell them you're there to share knowledge with them and to help them build an overunity device. Which didn't happened there for more than 5 years since you "share knowledge"...

Your ZPM replication thread which you still keep secret can now be seen by everyone because I'm gonna attach it to this post below. Just another proof (like many other proofs in this thread) about your intentional disinformation, duplicity and hypocrisy. Meaning your real face and your true nature and intentions. šŸ˜‰

No matter what claims you try to make about my ZPM, when I say you have no merit whatsoever I think it's very clear for everyone that I know very well what I'm talking about related to the ZPM development. You know why ? Because I'm the one who invented it, developed it and came public with the ZPM prototype and when I did that you had no f* clue what is that device, how it's functioning and what it can do.

And something else: you keep talking about "disgraced ex-members" - when all the researchers of the core team left you I think it's obvious the only disgraced and ex-member of the team is you ! šŸ˜‰ Just use your two neurons, it's obvious...

So now it's time again to go get your pills even if doesn't seem they work too well...


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla

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