The Zero-Point Field

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Fighter posted this 19 February 2023

Let's meet the Zero-Point/Quantum/Vacuum/Aether field, however we want to name it.

"The Schwinger effect states that in the presence of strong enough electric fields, (charged) particles and their antiparticle counterparts will be ripped from the quantum vacuum, empty space itself, to become real. Theorized by Julian Schwinger in 1951, the predictions were validated in a tabletop experiment, using a quantum analogue system, for the first time."

This is the energy source all our machines are getting their extra-energy from.

My prediction is: the most advanced Beyond-Unity devices of the future will not need input energy at all. And the secret of building those machines are the Metamaterials - artificial materials engineered to have specific properties not found anywhere in nature. For our specific field of research that would mean metamaterials designed to interact directly with the zero-point quantum fluctuations, get their energy and convert it to the kind of energy we gonna need - thermal, electrical or even mechanical energy.

But until we gonna be so advanced to create that kind of metamaterials the current way of getting that extra-energy is by using high-frequency opposing magnetic fields and asymmetric open systems using the energy from the input as our devices do.

We all heard this kind of arguments like "you can't create something from nothing !" or "there is no such thing as a free lunch !", right ?

Well, as we already proved with our devices those arguments were never true, we can get extra-energy for free from the zero-point field in our Beyond-Unity devices.

Even the "official" science acknowledged it recently:

70-year-old quantum prediction comes true, as something is created from nothing

More that that, the "official" science finally acknowledged there is energy in the zero-point field:

3 independent proofs that quantum fields carry energy

And this is our current way to open a window to that energy, gather it and convert it:

"...calculating the zero-point energy of space is beyond the present capability of physicists. Nevertheless, quantum fields must be considered real, as they carry energy and have both calculable and measurable effects on the light and matter within the Universe."

I'll add more related articles and proofs in the future about this field which is present anywhere in the Universe and which our machines are opening a window to and get their extra-energy from.

We are living in a sea of energy !


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Shelfordella posted this 24 October 2023

How does the zero point field power a circuit?

"A little theory and calculation would have saved Edison 90 per cent of the labor." Nikola Tesla

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Fighter posted this 24 October 2023

Replying To: Shelfordella

those particles appearing and disappearing from "nothing" are carrying energy

If your device can gather a part of that energy it will create a local gap of energy which will be filled back by the Zero-Point field to restore the equilibrium.

If you want description of the process, theory and formulas they don't exist in our "official" physics because it refused to even admit the existance of the energy of the Zero-Point field. Remember the "official" physics can't explain where the real energy source of the permanent magnets is coming from, certainly is not from that powerful pulse used in factories to activate those magnets which can keep let's say 100 kg of iron hanging on your ceiling for 50 years. Also it have no clue what gravity really is and it talks about the proven phenomenon of particles entanglement as "spooky action at distance". Just a few examples of the big gaps and lack of knowledge of our "official" physics.

But it's not our duty to clarify that, we just want to use the phenomenons we can observe in our experimental devices to provide clean and free energy to the humankind. We can explain things only based on observations made in our experiments.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Jagau posted this 24 October 2023


Did you noticed that the micro generator has been running on ambient energy for two years now then this is an exemple of ZPE


Fighter posted this 22 November 2023


I'm adding here an interview with Garret Moddel - Professor Emeritus of Photonics and Quantum Engineering at the University of Colorado, a genuine researcher working on a method to extract the zero-point energy using the Casimir Effect.

I consider him a real hero because he is doing that inside the dogma-like "official" scientific community which of course launched personal attacks against him since he started doing this kind of research.

If all the researchers would be like him we would already have free-energy and the public would not need to do its own research and experiments like all of us do all around the planet.

A very interesting discussion about the zero-point field with a very elegant, open-minded and genuine researcher:

So everything was fine as long as he did quantum-tunneling experiments for about 30 years.

Then when he started researching for a method to extract the energy from the zero-point field using the Casimir Effect everything changed...

Even if he is very elegant and he try to not use harsh words, he is talking about:

  • "offcial" scientific community refusing to accept the evidence: "Garret, I can't find any flaw in what you've done. But I just can't believe this works...";
  • Big-Oil sponsors denying this kind of research: "The Smart-Money is against you !";
  • being attacked: "the wounds that I've received";
  • ignoring data contradictory to the "official" physics: "if there's contradictory information, we're skeptical and we put it aside";
  • dogma-like "official" physics: "the church of science is fairly rigid and it progresses very slowly, and perhaps too slowly";
  • the big gaps and wrong parts in the "official" laws of physics: "there are various sorts of anomalies that don't quite fit what we've seen and what ... our cosmological views would tell us. ... if we look at a number of those theories, there are patchworks. ... and so there are holes all over the place.";
  • sabotage of the project: "in the last few years during which we've been developing this project, we have had two major floods where my lab was ground zero for a burst pipe in the ceiling. And so, that destroyed everything and we had to sort of close down for a while. ... we've got constant power outages. ... we've got contamination everywhere. ... the university, in its wisdom, decided to put a wi-fi hub right in the ceiling above our sensitive measurement apparatus so that we're getting constant interference now."

About his method of extracting energy from the zero-point field: he is using the unbalance in the zero-point field created between the interior of the Casimir cavity (where the density of the field is lower) and the exterior where the density of the field is normal.

Exactly, asymmetry in the zero-point field, just like our devices are creating by using asymmetric and opposing magnetic fields pulsing at high frequency.

So, yeah, my hat off and my respect to Professor Garret Moddel, it was a pleasure to view this interview.

I consider him a hero because it must be extremely painful to fight inside the dogma-like establishment. Hopefully there are more researchers like him in the "church of science".



"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Fighter posted this 20 March 2024


Seems ChatGPT is not completely useless regarding the zero-point energy research.

Here is a very interesting experiment done by Joel Lagace showing how ChatGPT can be forced to admit the validity of the technologies we're experimenting with.

The "discussion" is very long but extremely useful and the subjects are the Avramenko-Plug, the Heaviside component and the single-wire energy extraction (you know, "Don't kill the dipole !" as Tom Bearden told us).

Of course initially ChatGPT is "protesting" by labeling these concepts as "speculations" and "not recognized by physics" but we know ChatGPT is programmed to not be able to lie just to enforce "official" answers to "uncomfortable" questions.

Basically it has filters set to not provide answers about unconventional technologies but, as it cannot lie, if the questions provide also exact information which cannot be denied ChatGPT can be enforced to go over those filters and start talking about those technologies.

As you'll see in the video below, as ChatGPT is forced step by step to go over those filters it starts "talking" freely about concepts described by Tom Bearden, about the Zero-Point energy, about the energy of the Heaviside component being ignored by the "official" physycs, about unconventional ways of gathering that energy and about a lot of things we all know and we're actually experimenting with.

It's a very interesting exercise proving that ChatGPT have the information related to the technologies we're using but it's programmed to avoid as much as possible to discuss about that information and to just provide "official" answers.

Here it is:




"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Fighter posted this 3 weeks ago

For all newcomers to the Zero-Point energy research I recommend a very good (even if it's brief) video about the "impossible" technologies we're using here in our experiments, about the history of these technologies and the history of suppressing these technologies:


It's a long video, it has also advertisements but the author of the video made his homework (research and documentation) before creating the video.

Our experienced members here know all these things but for a beginner in this kind of research the video above is a good start.

 Here is a very short video where I extracted fragments about the technology:

Many of the newcomers don't know anything about the dangers of trying to patent this kind of devices, they think the entire world will be at their feet waiting for them to register a patent and becoming rich. 

They don't know that trying to patent these devices or trying to introduce them on the market will transform the inventor in a moving target.

Here is a very short video where I extracted fragments about the dangers of trying to patent these devices, why it's dangerous and a few examples (from many cases) of suppression:

And here is the only solution to the suppression:

It's simple: keeping secrets or trying to register a patent means the end of the device and its inventor. It always happened like this in the past, will always be like this.

Anyone repeating these two mistakes just proves he doesn't know anything about the history of this kind of inventions.

The only way to avoid the dangers is to share everything with other (as many as possible) researchers and share with the public. Because in that case "they" know that suppressing you is useless as long as other people have all the data necessary to reproduce your invention from what you shared.



"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla