Why are OU devices not available for sale

  • Last Post 02 October 2022
fluktuacije posted this 14 June 2022

Greetings everyone!

Does anyone have a clear answer to this question? For most of us that are not avid experimenters, this technology will remain an utopia. This needs to be brought to light. Statistics is devastating. This forum is the best 1% and still most of those 1% failed to reinvent the weel. Many are interested in buying a working device. Any thoughts?


SonOfLuck posted this 08 September 2022

Hi Bird_eye,

I mean this is pretty similar to the vortex math which come from Marko Rodin(Rodin coil/Abha coil).

Best regard,

Bird_eye posted this 02 October 2022

Hello everybody,

About the man's self-ego;

The real war in between man against himself ( self-ego)  since creation started that we see as real war at outside as a reflection of our real inner state.

Three things are very sensitive and fragile points and even can be bigger testing point for man who want to be aware about his self-ego;

Try to avoid of taking decesion when he is under of followings circumstances;

1-When he is very angry,

2-When he is very happy,

3-When he is under of sexsual desire.

These are always very challenging and breakdown point to take wrong decesion for everybody.




This is the story in between the capacitance and inductance.