Behavior and analysis of the inductor

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Jagau posted this 07 January 2023

The behavior of an inductor in an electronic circuit has very interesting phenomena to observe. The purpose of this thread is to study some of them using a simple circuit.


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Jagau posted this 07 January 2023

The behavior of an inductor in an electronic circuit has very interesting phenomena to observe. The purpose of this thread is to study some of them using a simple circuit.


Jagau posted this 08 January 2023

Practical experiment

Schematic of the experiment

A voltage of 5 VDC is applied to a 560uh inductor. Let's say the square pulse on the gate of the IGBT closes and opens at a rate or frequency of 1000 cycles per second (1ms) and the time the switch stays on is 1/10 of a second (0.5ms of DTC) .
  The behavior of an inductor acts like a passive element in an electronic circuit, IT DOES NOT CONSUME ENERGY, but we can calculate at any time what is its energy in joules that it stores in the form of a magnetic field.
For our practical example, the moment we turn on the IGBT (orange trace), the inductor current begins to flow (in green).

How our inductance behaves?


Jagau posted this 09 January 2023

No energy is stored in the inductor with a pulsed DC voltage. The inductor absorbs the energy from the source and restores it entirely at the end of the pulse passing through the diode to the capacitor.
 If you calculate the product of instantaneous current and voltage, the instantaneous power is positive on the positive pulse and the bemf negative pulse is returned to be stored in the capacitor, and the net result is zero stored energy in the inductance.

However the current gradually rises as an inductor integrates its voltage over time.

what is interesting here is that due to the behavior of the inductance and the vacuum energy that surrounds it, an incredible voltage appears at the opening of the IGBT of about 600 volts with a current of nearly one ampere, we have to ask ourselves some questions, we have however pulsed this inductance only from 5 volts to a few ma.

Where does all this energy come from?



Jagau posted this 10 January 2023


One could perhaps answer in part by these researchers said and found:


Nicolas Tesla

What is considered empty space is only a manifestation of matter that is not awakened. There is no empty space on this planet, nor in the universe. The ether exists and its particles are what keep the universe in harmony and life in eternity.


Tom Bearden  

 There is enough energy inside the space in this empty cup to boil all the oceans of the world.  This is a fact well knows to the scientific community, and was, for example, a favorite quote of Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman.


Dr Tom Valone

One can put forth the hypothesis that ZPE is potentially such an energy source that can possibly explain the "excess output" inventors have claimed to observe. The calculated spatial density of ZPE is incomprehensibly large. If these calculated values are correct and a very small fraction of ZPE could be obtained in a system output, then this output could readily exceed the conventional types of energy entering the system. 


With the discovery of ZPE, scientists find that space is rich with activity from virtual particles and full of energy. Therefore, physicists like to call it the "physical vacuum" when they want to talk about ZPE. Furthermore, the vacuum also vibrates and "fluctuates." In fact, that is the essence of ZPE. Vacuum fluctuations are even predicted by a branch of physics, started by Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, and Werner Heisenberg, called quantum mechanics.



Moray King


Moray King, who has been studying and lecturing on ZPE for more than 30 years and has published two books on this topic, there are a few basic principles that do allow ZPE to be tapped, and these principles have been incorporated in technology that inventors have claimed achieved this result. 

The standard scientific belief is that the second law of thermodynamics must cause systems to become more random and disordered; however, nonlinear systems are not restricted to this "law."


Dr Ronald Stiffler


The energy grid is the underlying structure or foundation that powers the universe. It is called a network because it is made up of an almost infinite number of energy nodes, which are linked or joined to each adjacent energy node by connecting conduits, which support the flow of energy through everything. the almost infinite energy network.


All waveforms (frequencies) in the universe ride on energy conduits between energy nodes. Each node, when opened, can offer all the energy of the universe because it is a virtual connection. You cannot increase the energy beyond this level, but what is so clear is that we only have access to one set of nodes to obtain unlimited energy. The network appears three-dimensional in such a pictorial view, but when interfaced it acts as a set of nodes, so when you connect to, say, 1500 node pairs, they all resolve to one node pair , just like mother nature.


Opening a knot is what we are all looking for, the amount of energy you get is how wide you open the door. Think of a door and a mass of people wanting to get through. What factors affect the number of people per period? I guess most will guess first how wide the doorway is, then we'll say how fast people can move, what is the mass of each person. All factors affect who and what comes through the door and even if the door is already open.


I firmly believe in what these researchers have said and affirmed here.


Pour yourself a good cup of hot coffee, sit down and reread what these great researchers have written, they are deep thoughts. If these great men all came to have the same way of expressing themselves, there must surely be a good deal of truth there.


Fighter posted this 10 January 2023


I firmly believe in what these researchers have said and affirmed here.

I absolutely agree, we should really listen and understand what all the great researchers before us told us.

However we want to call it, zero-point/quantum/aether field, it's the source our experimental devices are getting their extra-energy from. We're not talking about perpetuum-mobile or impossible physics here, it's just about an universal energy field present anywhere in the universe which is not recognized by our "physics" for the reasons we already know: if humankind would have unlimited and free energy sources everywhere then who would pay daily to the energy cartels for electricity, gas, home heating and cooling, hot water etc. ? How would they make hundreds of billions profit every year from our money we make from our work ? That's why they suppressed the knowledge of the great Nikola Tesla, that's why they suppressed other researchers and their devices since then, that's why they truncated Maxwell's equations (see Heaviside's "work") removing this entire class of overunity devices from Maxwell's original equations but they kept telling us in school that those truncated equations are actually Maxwell's equations.



"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Jagau posted this 13 January 2023

We come back to our experience of 5VDC pulsed at 10.1%

We can notice the significant difference in power transmitted to the coil when the current probe is placed just at the output of the power supply,negative side.



and in the second case at the negative output of the capacitor precharged by the power supply.

The discharge of the capacitor will always be more powerful than that of the discharge of the power supply without a capacitor at the input.
The behavior of an inductance is greater di / dt when discharging a precharged capacitor at the input. Whether it is for the ZPM or the Melnichenko effect, the fact of taking it into account greatly increases the effect produced, taking it into account in your experiments is always a winner


Atti posted this 14 January 2023

I support it! I weighed it years ago and the difference is huge!


Jagau posted this 14 January 2023

Indeed Atti the difference is enormous, we can notice that the current slope di / dt is much more abrupt and virulent, in the above case almost 10 times more powerful. So that the instantaneous power requested is available at the instant it is required without loading the source.

Using a large pre-charged capacitor at the input, especially in the presence of low duty cycle DTC, allows us to use the instantaneous power to our advantage.


Jagau posted this 28 January 2023

How do 2 coils behave in phase opposition?

As Tom Bearden and Bill Alek said, their product, when we are at resonance produce scalar waves.

It takes at least 3 coils to verify this, and what is the definition of scalar waves, 

how in our experiments do they serve us?
An experiment will follow

Shelfordella posted this 28 January 2023

Should it not be vector sum, q1+q2, instead of cross product? The result of a cross product of 2 vectors is another vector perpendicular to the 2 vectors, but it is 0 at 0 and 180 degrees (q1 x q2 = q1q2sin(angle)). 

This may be the moment to look at quaternions they aways talk about, they have a scalar and 3 vector components, when vectors sum to zero, the scalar remains, that's what Bearden said.

Another interesting thing to look into is Clifford algebra for electromagnetics.

The first type of induction is known as flux cutting is due to relatlve spatial motion with respect to magnetic flux. The electric field resulting from this type of induction is the motional electric field. This type of electric field has unique propertles that separate it from the other two. Experimentally, it ls eonfirmed that this electric field is immune to shielding due to the fact that nagnetic (not electric) boundary conditions apply to it. Motional electric flelds can also exist where the total magnetic fietd that induces it consists of non-zero conponents that sum to zero The other type of induction is due to llnking time changing magnetic flux.

"A little theory and calculation would have saved Edison 90 per cent of the labor." Nikola Tesla

Jagau posted this 29 January 2023

If you add two vectors that are mathematically equal, their sum will be zero. The same mistake was made when Heaviside rewrote Maxwell's original formulas dismissing any possibility that the void is non-existent and unnecessary in James C Maxwell's original formulas.

When we take into account two vectors of unit load q we must calculate their cross product, as explained very well by Tom Bearden and Bill Alek. This therefore appeals to the inverse square law and as Maxwell wrote in his original quaternions and the product of these two charge vectors and this has resonance (q x q) leaves the possibility of thinking that vacuum has l energy in the void that surrounds us.

The purpose of this presentation is to verify the presence of scalar waves, I do not want to discuss Maxwell's quaternions at this stage. These are well-known and established formulas for those who want to think of the vacuum as a plenum of energy.

Tom Bearden wrote

Heaviside who played a role in discarding Maxwell's quaternions, and also played a role in forming vector mathematics and formulating the vector reduction of Maxwell's theory from 20 quaternion equations in some 20 unknowns to the present 4 vector equations. Heaviside's curtailment of Maxwell's theory still contained both (i) systems in equilibrium with their active environment and (ii) systems in disequilibrium with it. To separate variables and enable closed solutions, Lorentz further curtailed the Maxwell-Heaviside equations by symmetrically regauging them, thereby arbitrarily discarding all disequilibrium Maxweilian systems and retaining only those in equilibrium with their active environment.

This regauging unwittingly and erroneously discarded all that class of Maxweilian systems permitted to exhibit COP>1.0.