Arduino driver and replication

  • Last Post 29 February 2024
Jagau posted this 12 July 2023

As some parts are still back order, I made a polyphase transformer like the Doc's with a potcore.

 Instead of using an FG, I'm learning programming for the beautiful Aduino Uno R4 ,wich is the new one, it  looks awesome and I'm going to activate the mosfets powered with this little marvel when I figure out C+ programming instead of an F.G.

For those familiar with Arduino IDE let me know.

This is the one i am talking about:


Jagau posted this 16 August 2023


Hi all

When connecting an Arduino model to power circuits, it is best to isolate its mass so that it is different from that of the power circuits. Here is a perfect example suggested by Arduino forum, that I have tried and works great.


With a low side connection and the two grounds well isolated by optocoupler. We can add to the output of the opto, the two NPN PNP transistor configuration to improve gate speed of the N-Mosfet

Jagau posted this 12 November 2023

For my future Arduino project, I need a signal generator with which

I can send at the same time as the basic frequency and one or two pulses of different DTCs

Arduino uno is the ideal candidate for this


Jagau posted this 06 January 2024

Arduino Uno is a good candidate for those who want to learn electronics, a large quantity of programs are integrated into the interface, you can modify them at will without risk, I recommend it to you for learning electronics.

You can learn a lot about PWM.


Jagau posted this 10 January 2024

One of the best sites for learning Arduino with many examples and a way to convert C++ to mycro python, another programming software that is easier to manage.


Jagau posted this 27 February 2024

Hi All

I ordered lately a new Arduino mega 2560 rev3 board that has multiple outputs for PWM.
I'm going to share here using this particular new board on the Adams motors which I believe is a good example of using Arduino and talk about mosfet driver other thing like that.
I hope to have some members interested in coming here to discuss while waiting times and in order to improve our knowledge of Arduino.


Jagau posted this 29 February 2024

I received my new Arduino mega 2560 R3 board 


With an LCD display shield card

The board contains 54 digital input/output pins, 16 analog inputs, 15 PWM Output, really interesting.

 The first tests on the Adams engine will follow soon with speed support with a hall effect sensor and Mosfet for faster switching.