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Jagau posted this 20 April 2024


As one of our new members is looking for more information about Nigel Cheese's research and experiments I'm sharing here all the information I have in my personal archive.

Jagau posted this 4 weeks ago

Jagau, is there a Nigel's article or video that explains what this image represents?  I've never seen it in his presentations...


M. J.


Jagau posted this 4 weeks ago

Probably, it has been more than two years since I last reread these notes,

I will check if so and come back to you with that.


Jagau posted this 4 weeks ago

If i remember well it is about this pdf


Attached Files posted this 4 weeks ago

Jagau thank you so much for the share...

I've read the article and it's an interesting one. I believe it is an explanation of 5-part ring magnet video.

In the picture above there are 7 columns marked with degrees making a total of 360 degrees. So for some reason 7-part ring is not the same as 5-part ring of magnets. 

So if 5 rings are 40% of infinity (don't quite understand what that means in the article), we can assume that ring with 7 parts is somehow better, with more percentage of infinity? posted this 4 weeks ago

This article is by Jamie Panarello who, so it seems, have worked with Nigel on the quantum battery. I'm surprised it's not deleted by LinkedIn...

Jagau posted this 4 weeks ago

You can find lot of Nigel experiments on Rumble here:

Jagau posted this 4 weeks ago

Thanks, I've seen those... I understand that many people were able to replicate his design with wet paper, but none managed his dry battery... I've tried a nubmer of times with no luck...

Inception posted this 4 weeks ago

While looking for a dry version of the battery I came across this successful replication using various metals, paper and water:

Building and Testing Prof. Nigel Cheese's 'Quantum Battery'