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Fighter posted this 30 April 2022

I just saw a post made by Chris about two weeks ago:

Image attached to the post:

So, Chris, the answer is NO.

The reason it looks "familiar" is simple: both sites are using the same open-source platform named MVC Forum:

All the members of our team used to be members of AboveUnity (before you started to abuse, invent lies about them and act like a mentally ill person) and they are very familiar with the platform. That's the reason of our platform choice.

And if you would know what you're talking about you would know that if we would want to copy your site then this site would have been up and running in 4-5 days, we wouldn't need a month to develop it.

And you don't know it because you have no access here but BeyondUnity already have features and enhancements your site doesn't have. You were not even able to fix that Follow feature for topic notifications which is something very basic. Other than that check the layout, interactivity and the smoothness of this site and compare with yours. We had the latest version of TinyMCE from the beginning, weeks before you started upgrading the version from your site.

BeyondUnity was developed from ground up, that's why we have over 70 code commits made during the development:

So now get your pills, they may help with your issues.

And about all the lies and bullshit you were spreading about us, here it is something which you deleted on your site but we still have it:

Can you read this ?

I attached the image of the post so everyone can see it clearly.

So we started saving data (as you asked everyone to do) then you started yelling why we were saving the data. It does show exactly how bad your mental issues are.

And now fuck off, you're trash, go back to your site and find medical help.

You should ask yourself why almost all the members of the team left your site and the research and experiments there are now close to 0.

And something else: if you would have the solution, many members from your site would have working self-running devices by now ! The truth is no one has a working device there ! Not even you ! And we both know this !

You're in the past for us so stop talking trash about us. Everyone can see the proofs above and compare with all the lies you spread about us on your site.

If I would want your site down it would be down permanently. But your poor site goes offline on itself almost every day for more than a year now, was it also because of our "attacks" ? We even donated money to you when you were in trouble just to help in keeping your site online. Stop blaming others for your site issues.


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla

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Fernando posted this 27 August 2022

This a very Ugly message, sorry to hear that Fighter, We will have to oppen a conversation from us been having different life treathing situation since we discovered the free energy subjet. Some of us never spoke about It.

Fighter posted this 27 August 2022

Many of us had different experiences related to that, some threats were more subtle others were very direct.

Even if they came through different channels/intermediaries, the sources were always the same: the energy cartels or some secret services at the states level.

What we're dealing with now is something different, we're dealing with a guy having serious mental issues.

Not a serious threat but the problem is we considered him one of us and we trusted him. Big mistake...

Our public answer channel is showing his true nature to others who make a minimal effort to find the truth about who he really is.

About the other kind of threats, the serious ones, we can create a secure thread, we can't discuss in a public thread about those matters.



"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
Fighter posted this 6 days ago

And another one being ironic about the "light years ahead" phrase... 😉

This is SolarLab, a former aboveunity member who was banned long time ago because he presented some design tool and simulations on computer.

And he's right, you can't pretend you're "light years ahead" when since 2017 no one in your forum successfully built a self-running machine. That's the real "result" of your "partnered output coils".

And really doesn't matter how many lies you spread about some existing machines you or your members have. The truth is (and we both know it) you're just wasting researchers' time and resources talking about a path going nowhere. The proof ? After 5 years no one succeeded using partnered output coils. Not even you, actually you got nothing.

All you can do is to ban anyone having doubts about those "partnered output coils", that's how all the valuable researchers left your site and you're there alone mumbling about "infidels" and stuff...

That's what happens when you try to transform research into an short-sighted and strict religious movement.

Researchers are not stupid, they're smart and they don't follow orders or any self-proclaimed religious leaders. 😉

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla