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Vidura posted this 03 August 2022

Hello Friends, I will import this thread; from the backup forum to the public category ,it is dedicated to the BTG devices like the ones shown by Ruslan and Akula. The Goal is to gain knowledge about the involved principals, and hopefully to achieve a working, self-feeding machine. Regarding the tier2 category , I want you to know that I was really tented to post for general public, and certainly the thread will be moved in the replications category when the time is right. But I also know that various persons got in serious troubles , and likely a young man lost his live, because this is the kind of devices produced in series would sensibly cut in the profits of the big energy companies.

We will in a first step go in diakoptik manner thru the different parts of the device and make different kinds of experiments and tests to get basic understanding of how this devices are working, and the interaction of the different parts. Also we will collect information from various sources from the original Builders. I would encourage those of you , who are interested in following or participating in this project, to read the thread about longitudinal waves , as this describes one of the  basic physical principals involved in this device.

The First Part of the device we will cover is the push-pull converter. It's function is pumping charges, an analogy would be the electron-gun in the CRT, it is the source of charges. There is no magic in this part, it is just common EM technology, there are different topologies which could be used, half or full bridge would be suitable. For low frequency devices like the Kapagen also an of the shelf silicone steel transformer could be used. It is important that the output is AC. In the research we will stick to the push-pull topology for the ease of switching the two low side IGBT's. Here some images from testing this stage:

As I have time ,Ill continue to upload content and updates or corrections.


Vidura posted this 08 August 2022

In the above post I attached a link for the file in which the experiment and its underlying principles are described. In this context it becomes clear that replacing the static (DC)charge of the plastic ruler by a longitudinal resonator the antinodes change the polarity with the resonant frequency(AC). This is the reason why the energy extraction requires a synchronized switching to avoid dampening of the resonator. The cycle when the potential is rising and pulling charges from the ground has not to be disturbed, only when the potential is falling the excess charges should be dumped into a capacitor or load. And regarding the coulomb forces, as only negative charges are able to move in a solid conductor, it might be convenient to make use only of a quarter of the period(only one polarity) for charge extraction. The Idea is to get work from the attracting force between unlike charges, without a dampening effect on the resonator caused by repelling of like charges in the cycle of falling potential.


The second method of energy collection from a resonator is quite different, as it is not based on the action of coulomb forces. In the thread about the "concepts of AU devices" I made an introduction on the physical principal of this method, which has analogies with the heat pump. The most BTG devices published on the internet are based on this second method. In the before mentioned thread we have extensively covered the topic of excitement and ionisation of atoms, from the Frank-Hertz experiment, the principal of the laser and the specific energy quanta for different elements and/or electron shells. The essence is that an atom of a specific element can be excited only by a matching amount of energy(for example a specific potential of EMF, or a photon of a specific wavelength). If the amount of energy is greater or less, the atom is not capable to absorb it, and rise the electrons to higher orbitals.  Therefore it is required to feed precisely calibrated pulses to this devices, beside the matching frequency for the resonator.


Vidura posted this 15 August 2022

Hi Friends,

In this post I woould like to share some thoughts about the document of the kapanadze thread from the russian forum, which have been shared by Bird_eye. Thanks a lot for the valuable information in first place. The mentor with nickname Johnlis is a knowledgeable man, and it is likely that he was successful with the replication. I think that it is really worthwile to follow the tutorial and give it a try. So it will be the next Project as soon I finish the one I am actually working on. The explanation is really sound, and the analogy with the giroscope is very useful for an intuitive understanding of the process, although very simplified, lacking some details... But good enough to get it working i think. So it could be a good one for a practical experience thread in teamwork, what do you think?


Fighter posted this 15 August 2022

I agree with you, Vidura. I didn't read carefully the entire document, I intend to do so as in the next 3 weeks, even if I'll be away from Bucharest (therefore from my equipment) and I can't do experiments, I'll have a lot more time to read and think.

Still, from what I did read fast I found some things I didn't knew before or didn't thought about before. There are also possible answers to some questions I had about my ZPM behavior.

The document is for sure very valuable and all credits for gathering the information go to Bird_eye, thank you!

I recommend you guys to read is as it may offer a different point of view and also, considering your advanced knowledge in physics and electronics, your understanding may be different than my understanding.



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Bird_eye posted this 15 August 2022

Dear friends,

First of all thank you for all of yours feedback  and valuable comments,

i am agree with Vidura about team work, so it is obvious that we can try for something more together than our individual attempt due to having different valuable base and different point of view and understanding of each of us. Also i agree with Fighter.

 i beleive ;sooner or later all of us will test final goal of document which is explaining as fourth coil, beacuse it is really very powerful information to release us. And for sure it has very big worth to try as experiment as my intuation telling me Jhonlis most likely have this machine really working as Vidura stated. 

I just wonder also comments of others who got time to read and evaluate document,

About the magnetic resonance, when i first read  "resonance in resonance" i thought how it may be visible on the oscilloscope screen, someone tells it is indicating as dancing waves,

I beleive when one achieve magnetic resonance """"very rare phenomenon appearing """"as start two B field rotating plane  instead of  one, thats why we see on the oscilloscope screen waves are start dancing because there are two  plane just overlap together.

This is leading final goal,

So as a conclusion, lets try and enlight the path together.

I beleive all of us deserving to be free.



This is the story in between the capacitance and inductance.

Gandalf posted this 15 August 2022

Thank you for the document ; I'm currently reading - some things are new to me

" thats why we see on the oscilloscope screen waves are start dancing because there are two  plane just overlap together." - time in movie 1:05




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Bird_eye posted this 15 August 2022

Dear Gandalf,

Thank you for feedback,

It is obvious document is prepared by Jhonlis to convince academic community as well  because as a very normal way most of people is feeling respect  for this community thats why it is including great details.

And that is our common language to meet in one place as well,

Dear friends,

I just want to tell what i strongly beleive, if someone looking for magical place in the world that is directly our hearth, and if we want to find out general formulation which is able to explain everything  is  "unconditional love" i mean divine love,

So please look at deepest meaning of sentence as follow; """"""""What good would your beauty be if it weren't for the love in me?""""

Another deeper main rule is explained in very simply; """"which way you expect from others to treat you, please try to treat them exactly in same way"""",all of us carrying hearth it does not matter coming from which nation,(African, Assian ,European,American or others)


This is the story in between the capacitance and inductance.

Vidura posted this 22 October 2022

Hi All As there are some more participants on the forum now, I decided to move the thread to a public sector. Latest experiments have added some more information, so that the general concept will be updated in the following posts.


Vidura posted this 20 November 2022

Hi all. In this post I will share two videos of experiments related to the scalar wave pulses emitted by a longitudinal resonant coil.The first video was posted in a thread with restricted access before, but in order to open the discussion for other readers, I continue in this thread. We can find the implementation of this pulses throughout many OU devices, as eternal flashlights, Kapanadze generator, various BTG and also Floyd Sweet's SQM. For this reason I believe that it is one of the key principles of these devices, and it is related to the parametric resonance.


It is likely that a second principle is involved, quite difficult to isolate from the former. Still we need more information and result from different tests.


Jagau posted this 20 November 2022

Hi Vidura

 The experiments with this guy on the resonator seem very much to yours, maybe it can help you, there are 6 other videos like this one on his channel


Vidura posted this 20 November 2022

Another short experience:


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