Spatial Energy Coherence circuit

  • Last Post 11 July 2023
Jagau posted this 14 February 2023


This thread will be dedicated to an inventor who left us a lot of information on "Spatial Energy Coherence" commonly called "SEC"

This circuit connects to the sea of energy that surrounds us by opening a door with it. Building different circuits will teach us more and how to do it.
Thank you Dr. Ronald Stiffler.

Jagau posted this 11 July 2023

The next study of the Doc's circuits will be that of the polyphase transformer as pictured here

A note from the Doc:
The 4-winding transformer depends on what I call "Poly-Phasing", the capture of external (virtual) energy during a critical phase of the trigger pulse.

The circuit clings to the energy around it in such a way that it can be absorbed by its air-core coil, resulting in an overall increase in kinetic energy.

Two air coils are used to light a 12 watt incandescent lamp.

This circuit variation has an input power of 8.25 watts and supplies 12 watts to the bulb as shown and incurs a loss in the conversion transformer of approximately 6 watts.
The total power produced by this circuit is therefore 18.11 watts for an input of 8.25 watts.
The power gain is therefore 18.11 / 8.25 = 2.194