Spatial Energy Coherence circuit

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Jagau posted this 14 February 2023

Hi all

This thread will be dedicated to an inventor who left us a lot of information on "Spatial Energy Coherence" commonly called "SEC"

This circuit connects to the sea of energy that surrounds us by opening a door with it. Building different circuits will teach us more and how to do it.
Thank you Dr. Ronald Stiffler.

Jagau posted this 11 July 2023

The next study of the Doc's circuits will be that of the polyphase transformer as pictured here

A note from the Doc:
The 4-winding transformer depends on what I call "Poly-Phasing", the capture of external (virtual) energy during a critical phase of the trigger pulse.

The circuit clings to the energy around it in such a way that it can be absorbed by its air-core coil, resulting in an overall increase in kinetic energy.

Two air coils are used to light a 12 watt incandescent lamp.

This circuit variation has an input power of 8.25 watts and supplies 12 watts to the bulb as shown and incurs a loss in the conversion transformer of approximately 6 watts.
The total power produced by this circuit is therefore 18.11 watts for an input of 8.25 watts.
The power gain is therefore 18.11 / 8.25 = 2.194


Jagau posted this 3 weeks ago

Dr. Ronald Stiffler left us a great legacy. When we watch his videos on Utube we feel hope.
One of his videos talks about how he conceives of aether.

Quote from him in images, he shows in his own way his conception of the aether.

When a great scientist like him speaks this way I think it's true, we just have to continue what he showed us.

Think about it



Jagau posted this 2 weeks ago

In order to study more carefully while observing the results, I built another oscillator at a very very low frequency between 0.125 hertz to trigger once every 8 seconds and at the other end up to 25 times per second ( 25 hertz) using a TLC555, adjustable in frequency and duty cycle..

It is also very precise in the DTC with very low values. Some people can use it as a capacitor dumping circuit. You can isolate the output with an opto isolator.

It would serve to prove that Dr. Stifler was right ,in a following experiment, knowing that cold electricity is a very good way to obtain beyound unity and more. It's a continuation of the Doctor Stiffler circuits that I'm doing.

Note that in this circuit I do not use any 1n914 diode to adjust the DTC in fact as John Bedini did, this is his circuit modified for my needs. It is a very precise circuit. R5 is DTC,  R6 is frequency.

Will provide some scope shot.


Jagau posted this 6 days ago

1.05 hertz  41.6% DTC


1.08 hertz 1.3 % DTC



Jagau posted this 6 days ago

 New circuit with NMOS output

If you adjust the frequency to 1 hertz every second the calculation of output power becomes easier.
Like 1 joule / 1 second = 1 watt and energy in joule in a capacitor is :   

E=C(V squared) / 2




Jagau posted this 6 days ago

Now a video from Dr Stifler with the 555 circuit above and C3 is charged by a SEC as in the video.

and the calculations at the end with demonstration of beyondunity.


Jagau posted this 3 days ago

There are 3 experiences of DR Stifler on this site that talk about the experience above.

These videos are not on Dr Stiffler's Utube channel, they are in TIKTOK for those who have access.

Apoc posted this 3 days ago


There are 3 experiences of DR Stifler on this site that talk about the experience above.

These videos are not on Dr Stiffler's Utube channel, they are in TIKTOK for those who have access.

I wonder about his construction of the coils on his ferrite core and if anything has to do with resonance with that core. Is it some how simillar to what I found with my magnet core and coils generating a small miliampere when tested with a multi meter?

Jagau posted this 3 days ago

Certainly Dr. Stiffler produced circuits that must be in coherence with the aether, the local environment.

If you read the entire thread carefully, this figure that I produced with a TinYSA spectrum analyzer says it all.

Look at what happens when we achieve this spatial coherence. See the richness of all the energy that surrounds us at 14.2 MHz on a span of 350 MHz with central frequency at 175 MHz.

The circuit on TIKTOK is the first where it reached beyonunity with proof and calculation method, I produced the TLC555 circuit for help of those who want it replicated.


Jagau posted this 2 days ago

Quoting Dr Stiffler about OU and FE

The immediate questions are: What is this device (circuit)? What can it do? Is it Free Energy? Is it OU? First let me explain my view on a couple of important and relevant topics that most people have heard or read about at one time or another, they are; OU or Over Unity, FE or Free Energy and COP or Coefficient of Performance. The two that are most relevant to this device are OU and FE, let me explain. The standard meaning applied to OU or Over Unity is that you get back more than you put in. A simple example is you go to the bank and deposit $10 one day and return the next day to withdraw it. The bank gives you back $15, OU in a simplistic form, you received back more than you invested.

The concept of FE or Free Energy is that you obtain energy to power your car, home, appliances or whatever and do not incur a cost for the energy, zero power bills. In keeping with our first example, you go to a bank you have never deposited money with and they give you $10. Let me now explain my view on Over Unity and Free Energy. In my view of the Universe, it contains an enormous but finite amount of Potential Energy, I fully side with the current scientific view that you cannot create or destroy energy. Additionally I believe as man continues to evolve and science expands it knowledge that we will find many ways to tap into and utilize sources of energy that have always been available yet we did not understand or believe existed. Science will eventually find the doorways to energy sources far exceeding fossil fuels or nuclear sources that currently support our existence.

This new energy source will not be Free; it will not fit the definition of Free Energy. In reality man did not pay for fossil fuel sources, but he must pay to obtain them, therein explains why the term Free Energy has no meaning, Fee does not exist, nowhere in the Universe will you ever find Free Energy, there will always be a cost. Now for OU or Over Unity, well again in my opinion this idea is in error. If you think you are getting something for nothing then you have not looked back far enough in the chain of events leading up to the specific observational point.

Simply stated in a Law derived by Newton, 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'. This most certainly applies to potential energies of all forms, real and hypothetical. Conversion of energy into a kinetic form does indeed ripple in effect both forward and backward in time in order to obtain a universal energy balance. So now that I have explained that I do not adhere to the concepts of OU and FE lets move forward with the understanding that OU and FE are erroneous views on what will eventually become a common straight forward method of accessing and using a currently and universally available form of energy.

A form that already exists, that is intimately entwined with all other forms and passes through multiple conversion processes to return to its original potential form after being manifested in a kinetic form.