YoElMiCrO's Ferro-Magnetic Resonance

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YoElMiCrO posted this 09 February 2024

I transferred my thread on Ferro-Magnetic Resonance here to BeyondUnity.org

Jagau posted this 26 July 2020

Hi yo
Remind me of your equation about root root of 2 ??


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YoElMiCrO posted this 26 July 2020

Hi all.


It's easy from where the square root of two derives,
but I think it goes without saying.
If the inductances share the same core
and one of them has to be twice the other then
the number of turns of the largest will be the turns
of the small by the square root of two.

Thank you all in advance.


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Jagau posted this 26 July 2020

Ok thanks Yo
This is what I wanted to be sure of.

For my part I use a Pot core with this formula that I am sure you know and about which I had already shared the info. However, you must know the inductance factor of your ferrite to use it


I have finished my work I resume my experiments where I had left

Thank you


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Jagau posted this 10 August 2020

Hi Yo
I didn't forget you, just missed of time.
Yes your circuit produced a double pulse see scope shot at 100khz


N1= 100t


Resonant freq is 1.25mhz but a perfect sinus

Hi UndisclosedMember

we have the same thing with a single coil with a second one we have a second pulse.


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YoElMiCrO posted this 16 October 2020

Hi all.

I've been busy lately
but I have had time to continue with the experiments.
I don't think there is much left to achieve something real
to prove once and for all that it is not a
crazy dream about AU.
I'm watching uploading videos about the experiments
to YouTube, so more conclusions can be drawn, those
that you do not realize by yourself, that is the idea of this
great forum.

Thank you all in advance.


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YoElMiCrO posted this 23 October 2020

Hello everyone.

This video is an update.
Don't look at the watering hole on my table,
I haven't had time to pick her up.
In this case I take the potential energy
to recycle for the next cycle and for load.
I use only the generator to control the Mosfet.
There is still a need to design a control circuit that
meet specific requirements that maintain the phenomenon.
When it's 100% autonomous, we can all prove it.
I'll keep you posted.

Thank you.


Fighter posted this 12 February 2024


As I promised to Yoel the import of this thread is now complete, sorry for the delay...

It has 87 posts and for each it needed direct access to our database, image importing, links, text formatting and a lot of attention to details.

As this process cannot be automated, it can be done only manually and it's very time consuming.

But it's worth the effort, in time we gonna get all our data here to home where it belongs because it's the work and the property of the members of our team.

As Yoel's device shared in this thread is overunity it's now officially tagged with the "Beyond-Unity" tag and I will add it to the section "Our Beyond-Unity Devices" on the right-side of our site.

Also I got Yoel's permission to add our site's logo to the video showing his device running as the video is his property and he is a member of our team here in our site.

Yoel, if you find any (possible) errors I've made during the import please feel free to edit/correct them.

The thread is officially yours now. 



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stranger posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello YoElMiCrO,

Long time went, no updates from you here.

I wonder were some progress made on the authonomuos LED light ?